Hello, everyone!

I wanted to write a short blog about living in the duality world after March 20th, the Spring Equinox. So, when we hear “duality” in the 3 D world, we think of “Good or Not Good,” “Rich or Not Rich,” etc. 

That was our “common sense” of the duality world during the Age of Earth. Now it is the Age of Aquarius, and after the Spring Equinox this year, there will be clear two worlds existing in the same space. That is the new duality world. One is a group of people who seek their soul calling or mission in this lifetime and live with passion, joy, freedom and love. 

The other group is people who endure the holographic reality with fear and limitation in their minds at all times. When I did Twin Flame Tuesday reading, cards’ messages for the couples were to clear issues in the past or renegotiate the relationships. 

I think many couples are going through a transformation time, as well. If you are going through a transformation time, you are on the right track! Please remember this!

It is so much fun writing about the ascension process! Thank you for reading my blog.

Peace, Love and Harmony, Yoshie