Hello, everyone! How are you feeling the day after Spring Equinox? Today’s energy nudges us to lift a finger to make a change in our lives, even though things are going great or not. I wonder what you are going to do?! This can be very small, like starting a new hobby, planning a business, volunteering, starting a part-time job, etc. Or, this can be a mindset change, a new workout routine, trying a new therapy, etc. Let your soul guide you to the beginning of NEW YOU!

Yesterday on March 20th, the Moon in Libra was 29 degrees in the 10th house, making 90 degrees with Pluto in Aquarius in the second house. The celestial placement meant the emotions of the public citizens, not the leaders in the government. The 2nd house meant money and a sense of insecurity around money. To sum up, the public was not going to rely on the government, but they wanted to take matters into their hands. That was the energy, and this will last until the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd, 2022. So, if you are planning to start your own business, the Universe got your back! So, go for it! Please treat this year 2022 as a preparation time for your new beginning. Also, the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune were in Pisces in the 3rd house.

This meant your neighbourhood, community, communication and information. So, your business can expand by words of mouth of your clients in the community! This also warns us to be mindful of information overload! Please take the information that only resonates with you. Everything in our lives is energy so take the energy with the same level of your vibrations. 

Before the Autumn Equinox, you will start something new to become fully in charge of your lives by taking information that only resonates with you. 

You and your business will rise and thrive with your community.

Let’s enjoy the new beginning of our lives in the Age of Aquarius!

Peace, Love and Harmony,