Hello, everyone! Happy New Moon in Aries! I wanted to write a quick short blog about it today. If you are reading this after April 1st, still this information is relevant. This new moon really does not have the fast-moving, goal-oriented, minding own business Aries’ characteristics. 

It is happening in the 8th house, which means “death, transformation, joint resources, other people’s money, mystery, etc.” So, things are a bit slow on this new moon. It would have been quite different energy if this were happening on the left side of the Astrology chart. However, to me this is happening because the Universe is giving us a chance to slow down and be aware of harmony within ourselves, humanity and the whole Universe. We are part of the Universe’s plans, and we need to remember this. 

Also, please be aware of and trust the power of our instincts in our DNA from now on. Just like bears know when to come out of their hibernation, just like how geese travel over 1000 km every year, crossing the continent in their gaggle, we have those instincts. So, this is our BEST gift to live on this new earth in this Ascension time.  

One more reminder about MONEY! We just had Spring Equinox in the 2nd house, and we will see the changes coming. Now we need to shift our money values from “How to Save it” to “How to Use it.” This is the chance to reevaluate our belief system about money!

I hope this information was meaningful!

Peace, Love and Harmony,