Hello, everyone!

I apologize for my absenteeism for the last two months from this blog post. I missed it so much! 

I was experiencing workload issues… LOL!

I really want to share the news in May, June, and July. There will be lots of changes happening in the next few months astrologically.

Today May 11th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moved into Aries after completing the 12-year full cycle! So this means “NEW BEGINNING.” 

This is great timing to start something new or make a change in your life.

Also, from May 10th until June 3rd, Mercury will retrograde. That means traffic, communication and technology-related confusion. 

If you experience these issues, take a deep breath and just know that it is happening because of Mercury retrograde.

There is not much you can do about it! Also, this is a perfect time to review your life and let go of anything that does not serve you any longer. 

If you experience something shocking in the next few months, please remember you are the creator of your own reality so NOT to be afraid! We can get through these busy times during Ascension.

Peace, Love and Harmony,