Hello, everyone!

Say “Hello” to March 1st! And, it is a lucky day, too! Tomorrow is Ichiryumanbai-bi and Taian so it is a double lucky day! It is a good day to buy things, work on your finances and do something nice for others. Then, the Universe will give you back all the wonderful things you did for others 10,000 times more! That is why tomorrow is a special day!

March is a month of Pisces, and they have this beautiful mind of imagination and creativity. Immerse yourself in this pure water element of Pisces. This month is where you let go of the old earthy values you used to believe in, especially around MONEY! Release your attachment!  Honestly, Pisces are careless about material stuff even though they enjoy the beauty. 

However, you can find beauty anywhere, like quiet spaces in nature, parks, children playing, flowers, etc. Let’s integrate Pisces energy in March!

Peace, Love and Harmony,