Hello, everyone! It is a busy week, and it is a super lucky week. So, I want to share this information with you. I want everyone who get to my blog to be super happy, healthy and wealthy! And, we are on the lucky flow here for sure!

March 17th is called “Tsuchino-Minohi” on Shinto Calendar, and this day comes only once every two months. This is a perfect day to work on your finances and also start learning something new like piano lessons, painting, dancing, etc. This day is related to Goddess Benzaiten, who supports beauty and arts, and she is one of the goddesses on the Abundance Boat with the other six gods. Since it is a rare lucky day, I want to share one lucky action which will bring you extra cash in your pocket within 2 weeks. The Goddess Benzaiten has an element of water so clean kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub, toilet ball or sink pipes. It is the lucky action of this special day. You can choose one spot to clean on that day! Then your abundance energy will rise naturally!

The full moon in Virgo on March 18th will happen in the first house at 27 degrees. This represents “SELF” and since it will occur almost the end of Virgo, the message is “Graduation!” This full moon energy pushes us to transform ourselves just like “build a new brand of yourself.” It does not matter if things are going great right now or not. You MUST change one thing about yourself. Also, The Sun and Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury are in conjunction in Pisces. They are in opposition to Virgo on that day, so we will feel a big push by overpowering Pisces’ energy. Not to concern! Pisces has this beautiful energy of humanitarian, acceptance, creativity and art! So, I think this transformation should be easy ONLY if we let the Pisces’ energy guide us! That’s all! They will set us free!!

Please remember nothing stays the same in the Universe, and it is natural! On “the Earth School,” we were “taught/trained” that changes are scary and not good. 

It is not true! We are meant to experience all kinds of things before going back to where we came from originally!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Peace, Love and Harmony,