I decided to write about Pisces because we are all influenced by their energy throughout the year so why don’t we get to know them very well? Pisces is compassionate and often empathetic; therefore, they value oneness. They look at lives from the spiritual side.

They are very good at using imagination and enjoy daydreaming because one of the rulers of this sign is Neptune, which promotes creativity and imagination. At the same time, they are full of vitality and wisdom for survival. They often have the ability to foresee the future because they are the last Astrology sign to keep the cycle going, so they have the responsibility to give the baton for Aries to restart the cycle. The element is water, and it represents emotions and memories. We will feel lots of them this year!

Throughout the year 2022, Jupiter, one of the rulers of Pisces and the planet of expansion, is in the sign. That is why this year, 2022 is the year of Pisces! Inevitably, we have been guided to become like them this year! Go Pisces! 

Peace, Love and Harmony,