Thank You So Much For Buying Our Weight Loss Program

Welcome to the Weight Release Module 1

This program uses a unique combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis to help you release weight so you can feel happy, healthy and confident in your own skin! 

In this program, we do not use the word “Weight Loss” because our unconscious mind will think that the word “loss” is life-threatening so it will not help you release the weight you want to release! So, we simply call it “Weight Release.” Also, we do not use the word “diet,” either because our unconscious mind will think that starvation is coming so it will encourage us to eat more!

Probably you have already realized that we choose high-vibration words to communicate clearly with our unconscious mind. We will explain why it is important for weight release!

Our unconscious minds dictate 90% of our lives. They collect and store memories, and emotions associated with the memories, preserve our body, message the conscious mind through emotions and connect with the Universe, Source or God. Have you heard about “willpower” to release weight or overcome challenges in life? Usually it does not work at all or success only lasts for a while because our conscious mind controls only 10% of our lives. Your conscious mind, which is your smart brain, only does planning, analyzing information and passing on information to your unconscious mind. 

Therefore, our Weight Release Program will work with your Unconscious Mind, so it is effective! Also, this program will help you connect with your unconscious mind because so many people have blockages between their conscious mind and their unconscious mind. They create a disconnection between your body and your unconscious mind. We will explain that to you later in this program. Without the blockages, your weight release will go easily and smoothly because you will know exactly what you need to do to reach your health and weight goals!

Hypnosis is an easy and very effective healing modality because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. When you are in a relaxed state, you can connect with your higher self. Carl Jung said “In trance, we access to the Universe.” So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this program. There are only two requirements for hypnosis. One is intelligence! We know you are very intelligent. That’s why you are here, right?! The second requirement is following the instructions. We know you have been following our instructions so you are doing great! You are fully qualified for hypnosis! 

In this first module, we will let your body and mind relax with Body Relaxation hypnosis, then we will show you how to release cravings using an NLP technique! After that, you will learn a healthy eating plan and work on goal setting. Then, you will have closing hypnosis with lots of wonderful suggestions in your unconscious mind.


Homework 1: Cravings Release And Reminders

Practise this Craving Release technique (NLP technique, follow the recording below) whenever you need for the next 3 days before starting Module 2.


Do 10 minutes of exercise daily! If you do your exercise more than 10 minutes, it’s a BONUS!

Eat protein 11 am, 2pm, 4 pm and before going to bed ( a protein shake, nuts, beans, eggs, etc.)

Eat your salad for one meal a day

Get 5 different colors of fruit and 5 different colors of veggies. Look up what foods are alkaline on the Internet. If your body is acidic, it’s not easy to release fat!

Pick a cleanse of your choice. Research easy and safe cleanse that suit your health and lifestyle. You can ask for advice from a naturopath and other health professionals.

Homework 2: Weight Release Hypnosis

Listen to this once a day for the next 3 days along with cravings release NLP before starting module 3.


Module 2: Clearing Limiting Beliefs & Gastric Band Reduction Hypnosis

Welcome to Weight Release Module 2!    

How are you feeling after Module 1? Were you able to do all the homework? If you need more time to complete the task, you can come back to this module when you finish your homework!    Today we will work on clearing your limiting beliefs. We will go through the process together.


Module 2: Complete Hypnosis – Clear Limiting Beliefs, Gastric Band Reduction, Appetite Control.

Listen to this complete hypnosis. This hypnosis will focus on clearing the limiting and negative beliefs holding you back.

Limiting Beliefs Clearing

Listen to this whenever you need to clear your limiting beliefs. Refer to this Weight Release Module 2.pdf as you go through this exercise.

Homework 1: Gastric Band Hypnosis

Listen to this  “Virtual Gastric Band” daily for the next 3 days before starting Module 3.     Keep clearing craving using the NLP technique from module 1 (Homework 1) whenever necessary.


Module 3: Making Healthy Choices & Clearing Big Food Cravings & Addictions

This hypnosis focuses on clearing your biggest food cravings and addictions. We show you “The Easy Decision Making Technique” using applied kinesiology so you can make the right decision for your healthy food choices. That’s right! You are in charge and you are in  control of your choices! We also use another NLP technique called “Submodality Switch” to clear your biggest cravings. And, we will be closing off with a hypnosis to help you make healthy food choices.

Homework 1: Clear Cravings & Addictions

Listen to this clear cravings and food addictions for the next 3 days before starting Module 4. Refer to this Module 3 “The Easy Decision-Making Technique” .pdf as you go through this exercise.

Homework 2: Healthy Choice Hypnosis

Listen to this hypnosis for the next 3 days before starting Module 4.


Module 4: Clearing Bing Eating Hypnosis

Hypnosis To Clear Binge Eating Habits

Listen to this complete hypnosis to clear your binge eating habits. Please have the copy of the movie theatre diagram with you.